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"Conflict Minerals Policy Statement"

Partron is aware of the allegations that mineral mined in conflict areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo ("DRC") may be making its way into the electronics supply chain and that profits from mineral mining in conflict areas in the DRC, so called "Conflict Mineral", may be furthering certain unfair labor practices or other human rights violations in the DRC.
Partron has adopted a due diligence policy designed with the intent of preventing purchase of conflict minerals from our supply chain that originate in the DRC conflict areas.
However, at this time, due to the complexities of the mineral supply chain, Partron cannot verify with 100% certainty the origin of all tin used in its products.
Our ultimate goal is to provide complete transparency of our supply chain to our customers.

Additionally, Partron is currently collaborating with serveral industry groups to develop and implement a comprehensive supplier approval system to support this policy which will help ensure that conflict mineral will not become part fo Partron's tin supply.