The Company that prioritizes Community and Business First

"Talents at Partron are
all special and the most valuable assets to the company"
Work force at Partron is special
Partron is who opens up a new era and rewrites a history for the industry of Dielectric Filter, Duplexer and Isolator.
The Talents at Partron are top-of-the-class experts in respective fields, that is the driving force to bring the cutting edge technology and features Partron is proud of.

Partron is a young, energetic and open-minded organization where superb talents are always compensated with the rewards they deserve, as Partron is committed to develop qualified talents.

Upone recent commencement, Partron is driven to expand its business scopes; therefore, we are currently recruiting motivated and talented additions to our R&D Deepartment as well aw Sales Department.
  • When
    • On regular basis as well as On Demands
  • Process
    • R&D : Personal Document Assessment → Technical Seminar(Including Technological Experience) → Interview → Employment
    • Sales / Administration : Personal Document Assessment → Interview → Employment
  • Requirements
    • Resume
    • Personal Statement
    • Copy of linguistic Certificate (If Applicable)
    • Copy of License or Certificate (If Applicable)
  • Term of Employment
    • Annual Base Salary (Salary Based on dividual performance)
    • 5 Working days a week
    • 4 major insurance policies
    • Incentives for language Trainings / Personal Occasions
    • Bonus and Incentives
  • Contact Information