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Core Technology

With a solid determination to be the leader of the industry, Partron has dedicataed itself to develop the products with advanced features and technologies along with innovative minds.
Headquater leads the way in R&D and sales efforts, while maximizing its resources at specialized menufacturing facility in Yantai Shandong in China to provide and supply competitive products in timely manners

Quality Control

In order to provide top-of-the-line products to customers, Partron assures the process of quality control upon its products by implementing infrastructure enabling flawless communication through computerized networks amongst various business locations as well as quality control system (ISO 9001) authentication and 6 SIGMA techniques.
In addition, for the purpose of environment protection and hazardous substance management (RoHS), one of the profound global themes today, Partron has made tremendous efforts in implementing management system and applicable equipments to meet the enviromental requirement and customer's needs.
Partron firmly believes that quality of the products and environment protection are our utmost responsibilities. Thus, we will never stop until we meet the expectation from the customers and accomplish our goal of 'Customer Satisfaction'