▣ Internal Antenna

To enhance the mobility and portability of mobile phone, the antenna of mobile phones has been relocated into the inside of the phone.
Internal Antenna produced by Partron is mostly used for mobile phone, where Partron currently manufactures in high volume of Panta-Band Antenna (CDMA/EGSM/DCS/PCS/WCDMA) supporting all services for multiband, multi-function and miniaturization, which is the latest trend for mobile phones, where Partron's manufacturing facility in China makes possible of supplying high-quality products at low price in finely manner to meet the needs of customers. At the same time, Partron makes massive inverstment into developing new technology and advanced assembly lines in order to maintain its dominance over the market under rapidly market environment.

▣ External Antenna

"Antenna for broadcasting receiving"
Antenna for broadcasting receiving is an antenna broadcasting signs possible to receive on multimedia broadcasting receiving equipments such as portable terminal,PMP, Navi and etc.
Partron is Developing and manufacturing in mass production of antenna for broadcasting receving such as T-DMB (Korean broadcasting standard), DVB-H (European broadcasting standard), ISDB-T (Japanese broadcasting standard), CMMB(Chinese broadcasting standard), Media FLO (North America broadcasting standard), Analog TV and etc.

Currently, we have completed the development of 170mm and 190mm hex loading antenna for T-DMB and are manufacturing in mass production and also for DVB-H, ISDB-T and CMMB, we have completed the development of 100mm, 120mm antenna and are manufacturing in mass production.

Telecope Type antenna, which is used in general as antenna for broadcasting receiving, has manu limits in physical size of antenna as well as design of terminals.

Partron is carrying out research and development (R&D) continously with the target to complete the development of small size of T-DMB anatenna and built-in type DVB-H, ISDB-T, CMMB, and Media FLO antenna during the first half of 2010 in order to improve these disadvantages.
Chip Antenna

Chip Antenna

Partron Chip Antenna is a built-in type antenna of radio communication system designed in optimum in compliance with environmental conditions of radio communication system using AG electrode on th utmost external surface of square hexagon mold in a Bulk Type.

We won various sizes of products starting with the products of 2.0X1.0X1.0[㎣] (Application of 1GHz Over Frequency Band) sizes and designs of various products ranging from a single-band antenna satisfying communication bands such as CDMA, GSM, GPS, DCS, PCS, WCDMA, Bluetooth and WLAN and Various communication frequency bands for broadcasting such as FM-Radio, DMA and DAB to diversity antenna and multi-bands for broadcasting such as FM-Radio, DMA and DAB to diversity antenna and multi-bands antenna are possible. And we provide optimized built-in type antenna solution for radio communication system through applications of built-in type antenna such as FPCB Type, PCB Type, Hybrid Type and etc.
Patch Antenna

Patch Antenna

Microstrip patch Antenna, composed with dielectric ceramics, is used for GPS satellite signal receiving antenna, satellite DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) antenna, satellite DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) antenna and antenna for repeaters, where it allows embodying linear polarization and circular polarization of single directional characteristic along with the resistance against SET Noise.

While Patch Antenna is mostly used for GPS Antenna, Partron produces internal type of GPS Active Antenna equipped with LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) to remove noise as well as amplify the week signal since the level of GPS satellite signal is very low, and also produced external type of GPS Active Antenna mountable on th automobile exterior by extending its cable. Especially rectangular shaped GPS Antenna developed by Partron boasts its superb quality and characteristics, which miniaturized its size to 25X13mm, 25X10mm, 25X7.4mm, 15.5mm enabling to place them inside of slim teminals, where its usage has been expanded into GPS Navigation Set and PMP for automobile, Net Book, MID and GPS internal antenna for digital camera.
NFC Antenna

NFC Antenna

NFC (Near Field Communication)is a type of RFID, and is in frequency of 12.56MHz.
In Loop structure, and its antenna performance is enhanced by using ferrite. This is attached on the surface of battery cover or battery pack.
this can be realized in diverse ways.