Distinctive characteristic of isolator's function is its irreversibility, which means where a high frequency signals transmits freely toward one direction but not to the opposite direction.

Isolator, placed between antenna and Power AMP for mobile telecommunication, prevents destruction of Power AMP by absorbing signals reflected from antenna due to impedance mismatch, while it is also expected to prevent echo effect as well as to improve linearity of signal by separating antenna and Power AMP.

What Partron produces are 7X7, 5X5, 10X10mm products for the use of CDMA (800MHz), US-PCS, WCDMA, PCS for repeaters, and Isolator and at the size of Drop-in-type 3/4". 1".1.25" that can ve used for base stations and repeaters for WCDMA, US-PCS, CDMA (800MHz) and K-PCS.